Advanced Course In Veterinary Homeopathy

The Advanced Course is designed to follow the Professional Course once graduates have been practicing for a period of time as an opportunity to deepen your homeopathic skills and connect with colleagues.

Emphasis will be placed on case work and analysis, going into greater depth in the following topic areas:

  • The challenge of difficult cases — e.g. those with advanced pathology, history of suppression,   or needing continued drug use.
  • Common challenging clinical conditions such as cancer, inflammatory bowel disease, atopy, gingivitis-stomatitis complex, laminitis, and Equine Metabolic Syndrome.
  • Acute treatment for individuals.
  • Treating epidemics of infectious disease.
  • Discussion of topics from the Organon of Medicine as a way of developing further understanding of the homeopathic perspective.
  • Live case work, to develop and hone interview skills and the processing of information obtained, with the following of these cases over the duration of the course to learn from the progression of casework over time.

Format will be similar to the Professional Course – all sessions will be in a classroom setting with homework and reading assigned between sessions. There will also be a private email forum for Advanced Course students for further work with cases, allowing direct teaching interactions between sessions as we follow cases through the course.

Please Contact the PIVH if you are interested in more information and signing up for the next Advanced Course in Veterinary Homeopathy.