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Recordings available to Purchase: Online Learning for Prospective Students

Homeopathic Treatment of Injuries by Richard Pitcairn, DVM, PhD and colleagues

Introductory three-part webinar series exemplifying the principle of the homeopathically similar remedy, understanding some of the chief remedies for the treatment of injuries, and their application demonstrated through cured cases.

The treatment of injuries is an excellent starting point for your homeopathic journey. Most injuries come on very quickly, in seconds, and the response to the homeopathic remedy is equally rapid thus providing great confidence in the action of the remedy.

Our intention is to familiarize the new student with the fundamentals of how homeopathy works and the principles of acute prescribing. Students will study some of the chief remedies for acute injuries, and learn to recognize their uses and applications through the experience of seeing clinical homeopathic cases in action. 

The recordings of this webinar series (originally held live in October 2022) are currently available to purchase in a downloadable format. Each of the three webinars are approximately two hours long, totaling over 6 hours of introductory learning. The cost for the series is $75, but there is no charge for attendees that already paid for the October 2022 live webinar series or current registrants of the upcoming PIVH Professional Master Course in Veterinary Homeopathy.

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Summer 2023 Online Learning:

Professional Master Course in Veterinary Homeopathy

July 2023 is the start of the newly expanded Professional Master Course in Veterinary Homeopathy, now offered fully online!  

Are you longing to learn homeopathy? Wanting to fully master the art of classical homeopathic prescribing, to be able to treat all your clinical cases from acute emergencies to difficult complex cases of chronic disease? Then look no further than the Professional Master Course in Veterinary Homeopathy!

At the PIVH, we have been offering exceptional classical homeopathic training for veterinarians and veterinary students since 1992, founded by the pioneer in veterinary homeopathic education — Richard Pitcairn, DVM, PhD.

Over the last 30 years, we have continued to evolve and expand our program every year. With great excitement, we now bring you the next generation of our program – providing the most comprehensive foundation course which will facilitate the mastery of classical homeopathy. With integration of key material from our Advanced Programs and new material from our faculty team, we have created the complete Professional Master Course in Veterinary Homeopathy.

The Professional Master Course will offer 180 hours of live faculty instruction in a virtual multimedia classroom format over the course of 15 months and provide even greater faculty contact and mentoring for students than ever before. Our dedicated faculty team brings decades of experience with classical homeopathy as their primary modality in both small and large animal medicine. All sessions will be held live (and will be recorded) to promote an immersive experience and interactive classroom learning.

The program comprises of live online learning modules, utilizing interactive classroom style with lecture, discussion, and problem-based learning case studies. In between learning modules, there are intermodular webinars, case rounds, and homework study, including reading and clinical case work. Additional faculty guidance is provided through forum and mentorship support throughout the entire program to facilitate students mastering their own clinical case work.

Our course structure and length are designed for working veterinarians allowing both an immersive study experience and a work-life-study balance. Achieving this balance is critical to reach mastery and obtain the deeper understanding of classical homeopathy needed to tackle the complex multilayered chronic cases that we so commonly see in practice. Clinical case work with dedicated mentoring is vital to success. Similar to our fourth year in veterinary school, mentored case work brings our studies to life and truly facilitates students moving through the learning stages.

Upon completion of the Professional Master Course, you will have acquired all the tools needed to begin your journey as a skillful classical homeopathic practitioner. Hence titled, as our program truly facilitates the mastery of this work – ensuring that classical homeopathy is an exciting, effective, and deeply satisfying method to heal your patients.

This program qualifies veterinarians for national certification through the Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy and offers the highest quality standards in post-graduate education.

For more information, email info@pivh.org

February 2024 Conference:

Annual Advanced Meeting in Veterinary Homeopathy

The 22st PIVH Annual Advanced Meeting in Veterinary Homeopathy will be held February 21 – 25, 2024, at the beautiful Saguaro Lake Ranch, Mesa, AZ. The PIVH yearly conference is designed for the continued advanced learning of homeopathic veterinary practice.

Our three-day meeting will be held on Thursday through Saturday, in the Arizona desert near Saguaro Lake north of Mesa, AZ. This beautiful location provides an excellent opportunity for focused study, catching up with friends and old classmates, relaxation, hiking, swimming, and connecting with other veterinary homeopaths in the intimate atmosphere of the Saguaro Lake Ranch. All meals are included with lodging and are served in a shared dining style, providing exceptional fare and a health-conscious retreat to rejuvenate both body and mind. If desired, there is also the option of staying off-site and just attending the meeting.

For more information, email info@pivh.org or visit www.pivh.org/advanced-training/annual-meeting/.