Professional Master Course in Veterinary Homeopathy

In our 30 years of providing homeopathic education for veterinarians, the PIVH continues the evolution of our core course curriculum to fulfill our goal — to provide the most comprehensive homeopathic educational program for veterinarians around the world. 

With great excitement, we now bring you the next generation of our program — providing the most comprehensive foundation course which will facilitate the mastery of classical homeopathy. With integration of key material from our Advanced Programs and new material from our faculty team, we have created the complete — Professional Master Course in Veterinary Homeopathy.

The PIVH is pleased to now offer over 180 hours of live faculty instruction in our newly expanded Professional Master Course in Veterinary Homeopathy, providing our students with the ultimate solid foundation in classical homeopathy and even greater faculty contact and mentoring for students than ever before.

The Professional Master Course in Veterinary Homeopathy is a fifteen month long integrated virtual classroom and multimedia program, comprising of live virtual classroom modules, inter-modular webinars, mentoring case rounds, homework study with clinical case work, and exams. Faculty guidance and mentorship support is provided throughout the entire program to facilitate students mastering their own clinical case work.

Our program expansion is designed to allow both an immersive study experience and a work-life-study balance. Achieving this balance is critical to reach mastery and obtain the deeper understanding of classical homeopathy needed to tackle the complex multilayered chronic cases that we so commonly see in practice.

Clinical case work with dedicated mentoring is vital to success, hence our course length — similar to our fourth year in veterinary school, mentored case work brings our studies to life and truly facilitates students moving through the learning stages.

We invite you to come enjoy our harvest of over 225 combined years of clinical veterinary homeopathic expertise that our dedicated faculty bring to the Professional Master Course in Veterinary Homeopathy, offering a broad range of classical homeopathic knowledge in both small and large animal medicine.

Science of Homeopathy Combined with Clinical Application & Exposure

The PIVH places a strong emphasis on the guiding principles and science of homeopathy while providing clinical application and exposure. Students will learn to:

  • Perform a thorough intake and exam
  • Utilize essential computer software and reference materials to streamline and guide prescription selection
  • Select potency and treatment schedules
  • Differentiate patient responses: palliation, suppression or cure — an eye-opener that helps you understand ALL your cases
  • Decide on follow-up prescriptions
  • Develop case strategies
  • Keep effective records and appropriately bill for your time
  • Handle emergencies and complex cases

Upon completion of the Professional Master Course, graduates will have acquired all the tools needed to begin their journey as skillful classical homeopathic practitioners. Further post-graduate training is available through PIVH annual meetings, advanced courses, webinars, and mentoring via on-line forum.

Please see the Course Outline section for further details about the course.