Are you Looking for a New Approach?

For a therapy that can solve your more challenging cases? A gentler, deeper-acting way to preserve, restore and maintain health?

The PIVH Professional Course in Veterinary Homeopathy has helped train over 500 veterinarians to become successful homeopathic practitioners since 1992, celebrating 30 years of educational excellence.

Experienced veterinary faculty with decades of clinical veterinary homeopathic expertise, will be joined by Dr. Richard Pitcairn, author of bestselling Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs and Cats, to offer a broad range of knowledge in small and large animal medicine.

Homeopathy is based upon sensible, verifiable principles of the underlying dynamics of health and disease. Properly prescribed, homeopathic medicines effectively relieve patient suffering without suppressive side effects.

PIVH offers high-quality post-graduate education to ensure that homeopathy is an exciting, effective and deeply satisfying method to heal your patients.

A strong foundation in the guiding principles of homeopathy is essential to your future success as a homeopath. Through lecture, discussion, readings and homework you will learn to:

  • Perform a thorough intake and exam
  • Utilize essential computer software and reference material to streamline and guide prescription selection
  • Select potency and treatment schedules
  • Differentiate patient responses, palliation, suppression or cure — an eye-opener that helps you understand ALL your cases
  • Decide on follow-up prescriptions
  • Develop case strategies
  • Keep effective records, appropriately bill for your time
  • Handle emergencies and complex cases

Upon completion of the course, you will have acquired all the tools needed to begin your journey as a skillful homeopathic practitioner.

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